Born in East Russia and graduated in economics in Moscow, Tatiana lives and works in Istanbul since 2015. Her interest in Turkey and its traditions began in 2007 and was deepened when she studied the

“reng-I su” technique and abstract art from artist Burhan Ersan between 2010-2015. In 2010, she had founded the first in Russia project for ebru art and also launched the related informational portal and later on her own school called the “Ebru-Art” in Moscow in 2013.

Under her managenent, six experts taught ebru art to professional artists, teaches, designers, as well as children and people with disabilities, developing art-therapy group with Ebru art.

To master her skills at abstract art, Tatiana studied with Russian artist Sergey Garkushko abstract painting with Tatiana participated in a dozen group exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Italy, Bodrum and solo shows in Istanbul, Turkey. Her exhibit called “Letters to the Ocean” was held at the Museum of The World Ocean, in Kaliningrad-Königsberg, Russia, in 2015.
She had also participated in the Guinnes’s Record competition for the Biggest Ebru, held in Gaziantep, Turkey, in 2013. She is a member of the Artist’s Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists since 2015.


Paintings – $350 – $1,500


Mystery of the moment

Kirillova 1

Listening to Istanbul

Kirillova 2

Trace of a moment

Kirillova 3

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