Ukraine born artist living in Ankara since 1995. Her first solo exhibition was held at Cankaya Munucipality Art Gallery in Ankara in 1996, and since then Grafova Dilek had participated in 20 shows and fairs, including Art Ankara, International Izmir Bienali and most recently in the group show dedicated to the 47th anniversary of Turkey’s United Artists & Sculptors Association (2017). The artist uses vibrant colors and usually works in figurative abstract style wıth oil and acrylic on canvas. Her paintings reflect joy of life, happy womanhood, beauty of female silhouette, and will look perfect in seaside hotels, spas, women apparel boutiques and, naturally, at homes.


Paintings – $300 – $1,500


Oil in Canvas

Grafova 50×60

Oil in Canvas

Grafova 60×70

Oil in Canvas

Grafova 80×90

Oil in Canvas

Grafova 100×125

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