ekrem yalçındağ


Born in Adiyaman in 1964, Yalcindag completed his art education at Izmir Dokuz Eylul University, and studied together with renowned Austrian artist Prof. Herman Nitsch in Frankfurt. He continued his European stidies with a scholarship at the Balmoral Castle in Bad Emst in 2001. In the digital era of speed culture, Yalcindag bends over his canvases with patience, preferring a slow process. He deliberately includes ornamentation in his art and aims to make his works stay permanently in retina and the mind. Yalcindag prefers creating meaning with the motifs and painting single colored surfaces. With the use of repitions and merges, he points out at timelessness and illusion. Starting from ornamentation, he designs and manages geometry and flower motifs, creating strata of meanings.

Yalcindag lives and works between Germany, Austria and Istanbul. His works were exhibited in numerous shows in Turkey and Europe. Yalcindag’s artworks are in Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart, Lahey European Patent Office, Goetz Collection / Munich and Allianz Collection/Munich.  Highly recommended for individual and corporate collections as good investment value and prestigious acquisition!


Paintings – $5,000 – 30,000


Oil on Canvas

Impressions from the Street

Oil on Canvas

Red Leaves

Oil on Canvas

Schloss Balmoral

Oil on Canvas


Oil on Canvas

Feels Like Home

Oil on Canvas

Colored Blacks

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