Tatiana Kirillova- Drawing on the Water

Veronica L. Gündüzlü,  Art Advisor

13 July 2017

A look into the colorful world of talented Russian artist, expressing herself uniquely in the traditional art of Ebru.

Success, family, children, big city life in one of the most exciting megapolises in the world – Moscow. It seemed that everything was just great, yet there was no sense of fulfillment. Tatyana searched for a miracle in her creative explorations and restless travels around the world. And one day,  on the narrow street of Istanbul,  she had found it – the miracle shop offering everything one might need to draw… on water. From this very moment everything in Tatyana’s life is connected with this magic movement of colors on the surface of the water uninterrupted by any conscious intrusions of human. She brings those enigmatic patterns to the canvas, allowing us to see what is usually remains unseen: the inter flows of water and bio-magnetic fields, the breath of the wind and even fragrances.

Tatyana explores new forms with modern materials and invents techniques. She inhaled the new life in practice of initially decorative Ebru art and developed it into her own abstract expressionistic style of playing with water and paints.

Tatiana’s dreamy art.

“I love the feeling that my every artwork is unique and can’t be re-created even if I wanted to”, says Tatiana and smiles : “Is it WATER that draws or ME?”

We at wish Tatiana an exciting journey into the depth of water and paint in pursuit of the answer to this question. We believe that her collectors will be finding their own answers to the “Who creates What” question while looking at her beautiful works in their homes, resort hotels and offices too, which will certainly become more colorful and, perhaps, more relaxing with Tatiana’s paintings. 

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