A visit to Jale Çelik’s Studio

Veronica L. Gündüzlü, Art Advisor

1 June 2017

On the first day of summer 2017, has visited the studio of Jale Çelik – a Turkish contemporary artist, who was elected by the prominent Opera Gallery (Geneva, Paris, Monaco, London, NYC, Bal Harbour, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Dubai) as one of the 30 modern and contemporary artists all over the world to represent Abstraction in their publication “Entering Abstraction”.

Her bright pink mixed media on canvas painting is featured next to Damien Hirst’s infamous Opium dots, Anish Kapoor’s steel and gold mirrow and Anselm Reyle’s iridescent box of acrylic, glass and mixed media. In his pre-word, Mr. Gilles Dyan, the Founder & Chairman of Opera Gallery Group, whom I had been fortunate to meet alongside of the VIP events during the Contemporary Istanbul fair in 2012, explains why abstract art was a geniune revolution when it had first appeared at the start of the 20th century. Abstract art stimulates our imagination while actually represents nothing. More importantly, it does not need to! In Mr. Dyan’s opinion, “abstract art has the potential to be so powerful that it lets the mind wander freely, keeping the concious distractions to a minimum. We are not guided, there are no references, we are free to explore the artwork and assign our own meaning to the shapes, colours and textures of the piece. We look at abstract art in the same way that we listen to music, we don’t try to hold on to the notes, but we let the melody wash over us”. I personally can’t agree more with this statement. WHO wouldn’t want to be free in judging what one sees and percieves?!

Jale’s abstract art is rich in color.

I have met Jale Çelık in winter of 2011, just before her first and very successful solo show at GaleriArtist Istanbul, and then became a proud witness of the sale of her painting at Bonhams auction in London in April 2011 for a great value of 8,000 British pounds. I kept in touch and followed her art ever since. Shortly after came her fascinating collaboration with Opera Gallery, artworks exhibited by Opera in Geneva and Dubai, recognition at numerous art fairs, entering prominent Turkish and international collections. Yet, Jale stays humble, hardworking, shy of self promition on social media, and simply welcoming with her smiling face and down to earth appearance.

“When I was a kid, I thought words had colors”

Jale uses various colors with the enthusiasm of an illusionist hiding the secrets of what is seen, what seems to be missing and what is really missing… She uses hundreds of layers of acrylic paint and numerous manipulations to create repetitive esthetic motives and explosion of colors. And as long as there’s color, life is not dull, but is Bright and Beautiful!.. Don’t you agree?

We, at will be happy to help you to select your own personal favorite piece by Jale Çelık to represent Colorful Abstraction in your collection. Not to mention, that if you ever decide to part with it to acquire something else, we will also be glad to guide you regarding the value estimate and interested parties.

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